LMC 8.8 – Download LMC8.8 APK (Official) For Android [FREE]

If you are struggling to take good photos with your stock camera app and looking for some better options then let me introduce you to the newly launched LMC 8.8 Camera App which is the upgraded version of LMC8.4. The latest version comes with many unique features and enhancements. Here you can freely download LMC 8.8 APK latest version for Android devices to capture better photos from your phone.

Taking good photos with a mobile phone is not an easy task because most of the default camera app installed on Android smartphones are very basic and doesn’t allow users to adjust focal length, exposure, aperture controls, ISO controls, shutter speed, etc. If you want to take perfect photos in every lighting condition then you need to adjust the camera manually which is not possible with stock camera apps so it is better to replace your default camera app with LMC 8.8 which gives you the freedom to control the camera according to your preferences.

The latest version of LMC 8.8 comes with a new user interface and smoother animations. The previous version of the app has a problem of crashing after using it for some time which is being fixed in the LMC 8.8 Apk. By default, it has Leica mode, LDR mode, JW, white balance, HDR+ and many more options. You can also add advanced features in this app from the settings and also use LMC 8.8 config file to get even more options and optimize the image processing to get better and enhanced output.


LMC8.8 APK Download

Version: 8.8 (R1, Beta Fix) | Size: 269 MB

What is LMC 8.8 APK

LMC 8.8 is developed by Hasli based on Gcam 8.8. It is the first public beta version of LMC 8.8 and developers are looking for user feedback to improve the features, and user interface and enhance the camera performance for overall better photography and then the stable version of the app will be launched. As of now, if you want to try the beta version of this app then download the LMC8.8 APK from our website (LMC88.pro) and install it pursuing the installation guide given here.

It is the modified version of Gcam 8.8 App and it comes with many additional features that are certainly not available in the standard version of Google Camera Apk. LMC 8.8 is the perfect camera app for intermediate and advanced photographers. It enables users to adjust the camera settings as per their requirements. If you are taking photos at night, you can adjust the camera settings to take good photos at low light conditions and if you want to capture photos in daylight then you can adjust the settings accordingly to capture bright, sharp and attractive images.

Features of LMC 8.8 APK

Video Stabilization

Enable the video stabilization feature to reduce the shaking from the video resulting a bit zoomed video because the unwanted shakiness will be cropped but the video will be very stable.

Audio Zoom

While recording video, when you zoom on an object the app automatically focuses on the audio coming from that object and reduces background noise for crystal clear audio.

User Interface

The latest version of this app has very well-optimized design and layout. All the features, tools and options are placed well so that users can easily access all the options and utilize them properly.



Astrophotography is specifically made to capture beautiful night sky photos. Place the phone on a steady surface and then the shutter will change from a moon to stars then click on it.

Night Sight

When taking photos at night in low-light conditions then you can switch to the night sight mode which allows the camera to capture more light by opening the shutter for a longer period of time for brighter photos.


Gesture Control

Go to the settings and click on the standard settings option. Now, you will have an option labeled gesture control from where you can gesture for shutter, zoom, volume, HDR, camera modes, focus, and more for easy access.

Aperture Control

You can set the aperture from F2.4 to F1.8 as per your need. Lowering the F-stop values will result in capturing less depth of field and sharpness but capture more light. A higher aperture rate will allow the camera to capture more sharp pictures with more depth of field but slightly dark photos.


Additional Cameras

If you have more than one camera on your phone such as a wide angle lense, macro lens, and telephoto lens then you can use separate lenses for specific uses manually by enabling an additional camera option from the settings. You can turn on all the cameras that you have on your phone to properly utilize its functions.


Face Retouching

It adjusts the skin texture, under-eye tone, and eye brightness. It makes you look young and remove wrinkles from your face. Face Retouching works with the front camera and it is available in two levels subtle and smooth.

List of All Camera Modes in LMC 8.8

There are tones of exciting modes available in LMC 8.8 camera app. These modes offer a range of features and options for capturing the perfect shot. From portrait mode to night mode, there is something for every photography enthusiast.

  • OIS Mode: If your smartphone supports Optical image stabilization technology then you can enable OIS mode from this app to take bright photos in low light conditions. It reduces the shakiness while taking a photo allowing the shutter to open for a longer period of time to take more light and get brighter image as output.
  • HDR+ Enhanced: It helps to capture bright and sharp color photos with a high dynamic range that makes the image look eye catchy and also captures more detailed pictures.
  • LDR: Low Dynamic Range also known as LDR Mode is used to reduce the light from the image to achieve better effects. It is mostly used to capture sunset photos.
  • Portrait Mode: With this mode, the camera focuses on the main subject and blur the background, resulting in a stunning depth-of-field effect. Portrait mode is especially useful for capturing beautiful and artistic photographs of people or objects.
  • Panorama Mode: It is a great mode to capture super wide (180 degrees) photos. The camera person has to hold the phone at a stable angle and then slowly move the phone from left to right or right to left to capture the wide-angle photos.
  • Photo Sphere: This mode is used to take 360-degree photos, wide angle, and fish eye photos. It captures multiple photos and then joins all of them to create a full-screen photo.
  • Slow Motion: It allows the camera person to record slow motion videos in 1/4x and 1/8x (super slow). It maintains the video quality as it is in the standard mode.
  • Time Lapse Mode: This mode is mainly used to capture sunset, sunrise and road traffic videos at super fast speed. You can convert hours of videos in a few seconds.

Download LMC 8.8 APK Latest Version

App NameLMC 8.8
Size269 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 10.0+
Total Downloads51,000+
Last Update (Today)

Download LMC 8.8 Beta Fix APK

Download LMC 8.8 (R1) Beta APK

How to Download LMC 8.8 APK

LMC 8.8 is a free-to-download camera app that you have to download from our website because it is not present on any official app store. We have provided the exact original version of the app which is completely safe and secure for Android devices. Follow the steps given below very carefully to download and install this app on your smartphone.

Step 1: Download LMC 8.8 APK

  • Open a browser on your Android phone and then search for the official site (LMC88.pro).
  • Now, click on the download button given on this website to move to the downloading page.
  • Choose the latest version that is computable with your Android phone and download the LMC8.8 APK file on your device.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Source

  • Go to the settings of your Android smartphone and click on the security section.
  • Under the security section, you will an option labeled unknown sources so turn it on.
  • Once, the unknown sources is enabled then you have move towards the installation process.

Step 3: Install LMC 8.8 APK

  • Now, open the file manager and go to the folder where you have stored the LMC8.8 APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file and click on Install button.
  • Wait until the app is installed successfully.

Step 4: Launch and Explore

  • Go to the home page of your smartphone and open the app drawer.
  • Now, you will see LMC8.8 App icon so tap on it to launch the app.
  • Allow all the necessary permissions to make it function properly on your device.

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LMC 8.8 Config File

Download LMC 8.8 Config File

LMC 8.8 Config file is an XML program that integrates with the app and it adds more tools and photo processing features that automatically enhance the image and make it look ready to post on social media. When you use LMC Config File, you don’t even need to edit your photos because the colors, sharpness, and exposure will be automatically adjusted by these config files. By utilizing this configuration file, you have the opportunity to unlock new features and possibilities that can elevate your photography skills to new heights.

How to Set Up LMC 8.8 Config File

It is a very easy and straightforward process to set up the LMC 8.8 Config File. You can easily download the LMC 8.8 Config file from the links provided on this website and then pursue the step-by-step guide given in this section to integrate these XML files into this camera app.


Step 1: First of all, open the LMC 8.8 camera app then go to the settings and click on the option labeled named Config.


Step 2: Enable the show config name option and then tap on the save settings. Enter anything in the name and then tap on the Ok button.


Step 3: Now, Download all the LMC 8.8 Config Files from the link we have provided above on this webpage and then extract the zip folder to to get the XML file.


Step 4: Move all the Config files to the XML folder under the folder named ‘LMC8.8’ which automatically creates in your device’s internal storage.


Step 5: Open LMC 8.8 Camera App and tap on the blank space around the shutter button then a popup will appear where you will see all the XML file that you have just installed to this app.


Step 6: Click on any XML file as per your need and then many new options and features will be added to the app that help to enhance your photography.

Advantages of LMC 8.8

  • Although, it contains a lot more features and options which might be confusing for a newbie but its easy-to-use interface makes it simple and there is a question mark icon next to all the important features in this where you can click to learn about that mode or feature for better understanding.
  • LMC8.8 Apk provides more control of the phone camera compared to the stock camera app so that users can easily adjust focus, focal length, aperture, exposure, white balance, ISO, etc.
  • It allows users to integrate XML file which is also known as LMC 8.8 Config file that add more features to the app and also enhances the image by correcting colors, sharpness, filters, and effects.
  • If you have properly customized the settings of this app according to the preset lighting conditions then the photos captured by LMC 8.8 do not require further editing. It captures perfect natural-looking photos which are ready to post on social media.
  • Unlike Gcam, it can be installed on any Android device that comes with Android 10.0 or above so you don’t need to perform Camera2API test on your smartphone.

Disadvantage of LMC 8.8

  • Even after a lot of bugs are being fixed in the latest LMC 8.8 Apk, this app crashes when selecting some camera modes and features that need to be fixed in further updates.
  • The app does not offer any official support system but you can comment on our website if you find any issues with this app, we will try our best to fix it.
  • LMC 8.8 is the modified version of the Google Camer app so it is not available on the Google Play Store or App Store so you have to download this app manually from third-party sources.
  • As you know this app is not available on any official app store which means you can not automatically update this app. It is important to bookmark this webpage [https://lmc88.pro/] so that you can easily visit this site to download the updated version of this app.

Difference Between LMC 8.8 and LMC 8.4 Camera App

LMC 8.8 is the updated version camera app. The previous version was LMC 8.4 which was a massive success and millions of people are using this app. LMC 8.8 is based on Google Camera 8.8 and it comes with many new features, bug fixes and a new interface that performs better than the previous versions.

The LMC8.8 version offers HDR+ enhanced features which were not present in the previous version. LMC 8.8 also added a fix for reducing viewfinder brightness in the video mode. The user interface has become more clean and simple. Users can only enable those features which are useful for them and other features can be easily disabled from the settings and removed it from the interface to maintain a simple UI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is LMC 8.8 APK Safe to Use?

Yes, LMC 8.8 is created by a well-known developer and it is 100% safe and secure for Android devices. Make sure you download the app from trusted sources like this website.

Why LMC8.8 is not Available in the Google Play Store?

LMC 8.8 is the modded version of GCAM 8.8 so it does not meet with Play Store’s policy. Therefore, it is not available in Google Play Store.

Why LMC 8.8 is not Opening?

If LMC 8.8 is not opening on your smartphone then clear all the data of the app and then relaunch it then it will surely work.

How to Use LMC 8.8 Config File?

Once you have set up the LMC 8.8 Config file then tap on the blank space around the shutter button then you will see many XML file options so choose one as per your requirements and click on the import button.

Can I Install the LMC 8.8 Camera App on IOS devices?

As of now, LMC 8.8 is available for Android devices that come with Android 10.0 or higher, so you can’t download this APK file on your iPhone or iPad devices.

Is the LMC8.8 App Available for all Android devices?

No, this app only support Android devices that comes with Android 10.0 or higher.

Does the LMC8.8 support HDR+ Enhanced mode?

Yes, the latest version of the LMC8.8 App supports HDR+ Enhanced which is used to increase contrast, sharpness and make the image look brighter.


Most Android smartphones’ default camera app has very limited features and you can not manually control white balance, exposure, aperture, focal length, ISO, and many more but LMC 8.8 Apk allows users to have full control over their phone’s camera which allows them to customize the settings as per their requirements and lighting conditions in order to take perfect photos every time. It provides a neat & clean ad-free user interface with a lot of features and modes that may be difficult for a newbie to understand initially but as you use it for several days, you will be better at taking good photos.

Hundreds are options and features are available in the settings of this app which might take a whole day to explore properly. With this app, you can customize your phone camera to capture highly detailed pictures even in low light.

LMC8.8 is currently working in the beta version so if you find any issues in this app then let us know via the comment section, we will try our best to fix the issue sooner rather than later.